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Fair Water Meters – A Process Made Efficient & Stress Free for Plumbers

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When Fair Water Meters first opened their doors back in 2009, this Gold Coast based start-up had clear goals, to become a leading provider of individual (sub) meters, readings and bills while helping people save money, detect water leaks, and conserve water.

With this ambition in mind, Fair Water Meters has a new product on the market, called the ECO Valve Meter, allowing clients to measure their water consumption. Over two million apartments across Australia do not have individual water metering capability, forcing their residents to spend more on water bills for water they aren’t even using. The two options offered by Fair Water Meters, the ECO Valve Meter and the ECO In-Line Meter would benefit these individuals immensely, along with those who live in townhouses and unit complexes.

Fair Water Meters has a diverse network of accredited plumbers who can expertly install one of their meters. For clients and plumbers, the quoting process and installation of a Fair Water Meter is efficient and stress-free.

Quote process:

  1. The client will submit a quote request (online or over the phone) and the nominated plumber will receive a referral email
  2. The plumber contacts the client to arrange a site inspection (to confirm which meters are required)
  3. Following the site inspection, the plumber will advise Fair Water Meters which meter is required and will provide a quote to the client for installation
  4. Fair Water Meters supplies the client with quotes for the meter and billing admimistration, in addition to providing a proposal and supplementary information to support the unit owners and BC discussion/decision-making
  5. Fair Water Meters will follow up with client prior to AGM/EGM to answer any remaining questions and provide support as needed

Installation process:

  1. BC accepts quote and an invoice is issued
  2. Unit owners complete an application and once all forms are received, relevant details are passed onto their plumber to co-ordinate access for installation
  3. Upon payment of invoice, the meter will be shipped to the plumber/site as arranged
  4. Fair Water Meters will provide the plumber with a link to an online form to commission the installed meters (to match each meter number to the corresponding unit)
  5. Fair Water Meters establishes the client’s accounts and will send the client a welcome email with details to access the portal.

Jul 19, 2021April 12, 2021


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