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Make water fair for everyone!

Fairer for Owners

Only pay for the water you use

Be assured you will only be billed for the water you actually use. No subsidising others through shared bills or when your unit is vacant. Access charges with applicable concessions will continue to be invoiced by your water provider, while your small share of common water is accounted for via strata levies.

Prompt leak alerts and digital tools

Receive an SMS alert when your sub-meter detects a leak within your property, to help reduce the risk of property damage and encourage timely maintenance. MyAccount portal lets you monitor your usage, manage your account and gain insights to help you save.

Landlords can on-charge measured water usage

Measured water usage charges may be on-charged to the tenant providing the tenancy agreement states so, and the premises is water efficient.
Water Charging – Residential Tenancies Authority QLD
Water – Fair Trading NSW

Fairer for Strata

Convenient off-site meter reads

Our dedicated meter readers visit the site monthly for easy walk or drive-by reads and collect any system alerts such as detected leaks. Supply a read when occupants move in or vacate, or we can provide an ad hoc read to ensure they’re accurately billed for water consumption.

Individual bills issued to owners

Once the meter readings have been taken, we then issue individual bills to all owners as per their actual consumption. Bills are sent via email or by post. Landlords may have their bill copied to their agent or tenant.

Recovery of funds

Fair Water Bills have a dedicated bank account for each Body Corporate for receipt of owners’ payments. At the end of each billing cycle, all recoveries are returned to the Body Corporate. Portal Access and Site Reports including payment status provide complete visibility and control.

Arrears and collections processes

Any owners with an unpaid or overdue balance will be subject to our arrears process, which includes issuing overdue notices and referring debts to external agencies for further action in order to recover all funds for the Body Corporate.

Fair Water Meter Benefits

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Advanced Leak Detection

Receive leak alerts with your monthly off-site meter readings, to help you save money and stop water wastage.

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Easy Installation

Quick and inexpensive to install in any building - even if the pipework is concealed. No major plumbing works required.

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Supplier Warranty

We provide an 8-year warranty on your ECO measuring capsule with radio module and a 50-year warranty on the base.

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Off-Site Meter Reading

We use safe radio frequency modules for convenient walk/drive-by meter readings. No need to access your property.

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Fair Water Bills

We only charge you for the water you use + digital tools give you complete visibility of your water consumption.

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Add Value

Increased appeal to prospective buyers. Sustainability, harmonious communities. Landlords may on-charge water usage.

How to make the switch to Fair Water Meters

Switch and start saving immediately.


We'll confirm your site and community needs so we can design a tailored solution.



We help co-ordinate your quotes and provide everything you require for implementation.



Your plumber will install your meters quickly and easily with no major works or repairs needed.



We assist with any change of billing arrangement, so you can say hello to Fair Water Bills!

New to sub-metering?

When it is unfeasible (due to cost or complexity) to install or upgrade meters for direct billing, water provider policies allow alternate billing arrangements to facilitate equitable billing.

To learn more, see:


Our solutions are for multi-unit properties that either:

  • Don’t have a meter (pre-2008 in QLD or pre-2014 in NSW)
  • Where meters have failed or aren’t being actively read by water providers
  • Where it unfeasible to install council or Water Provider meters
  • Where sub-metering has been shelved due to complexity or cost

Where there is an isolator – we have a suitable meter.

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