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The regulatory framework

The Australian Privacy Principles (Principles) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). The Principles are designed to protect the confidentiality of information and the privacy of individuals by regulating the way personal information is managed. Fair Water Bills is bound by this regulatory framework to undertake its business operations.

Personal information is, generally, information or an opinion relating to an individual, which can be used to identify that individual. Fair Water Bills may also handle information about companies and other persons in the ways described here.

Account utility information, digital utility and meter data is secure and confidential. Fair Water Bills and our service providers must adhere to tight Privacy controls and compliance with the Privacy Act Cth. (1988) and the Australian Privacy Principle



Fair Water Bills collects personal information in our business dealings with customers, employees, suppliers and other individuals. This information is collected through personal contact, records of communications and third parties including public sources. This is further defined in the section ‘Collection of personal information’ below.

We handle personal information for purposes including to provide, manage and enhance our products and services, to understand you and to conduct any direct marketing. This Privacy Policy sets out some information for any persons who engage Fair Water Bills in business dealings and contexts inclusive of access to utility and meter data.

We protect the security of any personal information acquired and destroy or de-identify that information when no longer needed. You may be entitled to access and correct your personal information that we hold in certain circumstances. This is further defined in the section ‘Accessing and correcting your personal information’ below.

You can contact us (details below) with any queries or concerns about privacy. Or as required you may be able to raise your concerns with an external body. This is further defined in the section ‘Complaints about an interference with privacy’ below.


Collection of personal information

Fair Water Bills collects specific personal information in various circumstances, such as when you contact or engage with us.

The types of personal information that we collect may include information about:

  • customers
  • suppliers
  • employees
  • personal contacts with other corporate clients or suppliers
  • any other people who come into contact in the ordinary course of day to day business

The types of personal information (including historical information) we collect for account management include your name, contact details, identification information, organisation, positions held, information in forms you submit, payment details and enquiry/complaint details. We also collect metering data and personal information about your interactions and transactions with us, including any contact we have with you by telephone, email or online.

We may collect your health information or organisational affiliation to determine your eligibility for specific discounts, services or treatment (e.g. concessions, life support or hardship). We will confirm that you have consented prior to collecting, using or disclosing your sensitive information, unless the collection of the information is required or authorised by law. Sensitive information is information or an opinion about an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious beliefs or affiliations, philosophical beliefs, membership of a professional or trade association, membership of a trade union, sexual preferences or practices, criminal record, genetics, biometrics or health.

This information is collected in a variety of ways, including by way of personal contact such as business activities and events. Also mail, telephone, email and online. Except where indicated our websites do not provide systems for secure transmission across the internet. We may monitor and record your communications with us (including email and telephone).

We may also collect and use personal information available from other public sources such as telephone listings, and from other third-party sources including where it is necessary to identify customers. For example, builders and real estate agents may provide details of new occupants and tenants who are using water utilities.

Where you provide us with personal information about someone else you must have first obtained their consent to provide their personal information to us based on this Privacy Policy.


Use and disclosure of personal information

For our normal business dealings, Fair Water Bills may use or disclose personal information for the following purposes

  • provide our products and services to customers;
  • to understand you and meet any personal requirements.
  • process payments and refunds;
  • verify your identity and personal information;
  • maintain and update our records and to carry out other administrative tasks;
  • communicate and manage our relationship with you and your organisation;
  • help manage and enhance our products and services, including by conducting surveys and other research;
  • deal with your applications, enquiries and concerns;
  • prevent, detect, investigate and deal with unlawful activity and misconduct (whether actual or suspected); and
  • comply with legal obligations and protect our lawful interests.

We may not be able to do these things without your personal information. In order for us to provide our services, communicate with you or deal with your enquiries.

We may also use and disclose your personal information in connection with acquisitions or potential acquisitions of our business.

We also use your personal information to promote and market products and services to you, including through telephone and electronic methods such as email, SMS, websites and mobile apps. This is to keep you informed of products, services and special offers and may continue after you cease to acquire services from us.

If you do not wish us to contact you to promote and market products, services and special offers (whether it be through electronic methods or otherwise), and no longer wish to receive any such communications, please call 1300 324 701.

We may exchange personal information with:

  1. service providers and specialist advisers who have been contracted to provide installation and maintenance, meter maintenance and reading, administrative, financial, research, archival, auditing, accounting, customer contact, sales, legal, business consulting, banking, payment, credit management, debt collection, delivery, data processing, data analysis, information broking, research, marketing, investigation, website, technology or other services;
  2. other energy retailers for example in connection with migrating your services or where we are a service provider to them;
  3. insurers, lawyers, courts, tribunals and regulatory authorities (including the Australian Tax Office) as required or authorised by law or in accordance with their reasonable information requests;
  4. insurance investigators; or
  5. any escalated dispute resolution body authorised on your behalf
  6. your representatives and anyone else authorised by you, as specified by you or the contract.


Management of personal information

We understand that your personal information may change frequently with changes of address and any personal circumstances. You can help us to ensure that your personal information we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date. Please contact us promptly by a method set out in Section 7 of this Policy to inform us of any changes to that may occur to your personal information.

We hold personal information electronically and in hard copy form, both at our own premises and with the assistance of our service providers. We have implemented a range of measures to protect the security of that personal information. We are also required by law to take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify personal information when no longer needed for any permitted purpose in our day to day business operations.


Accessing and correcting your personal information

Under the Principles, you may have the right to obtain access to personal information which Fair Water Bills holds about you and to advise us of any perceived inaccuracy. We will consider any recommendation by you to change or correct information and advise you of the action taken.

You may also request to access your personal information by contacting us by a method set out in Section 7 of this Policy. Depending upon the personal information you seek, you may be asked:

  • to complete an Information Request Form
  • to verify your identity in writing, and/or
  • if the inquiry involves extensive administration time or resources, to pay a fee. If this is the case, we will advise the likely cost in advance and can help refine your request if required.

Please note that in circumstances prescribed by the Privacy Act, you may be refused access to or correction of your personal information (for example, if providing access would be unlawful or would have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other individuals). In these circumstances we are required to provide you our reasons and if you request, make a note of your requested correction with the relevant information.


Complaints about an interference with privacy

If you consider that any action taken by Fair Water Bills breaches this Privacy Policy or the Principles, you can make a complaint by contacting us by a method set out in Section 7 of this Policy. We will endeavour to act promptly in response to any complaint. More details about our complaints process generally are set out in the Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy. If your privacy concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction, the issue may be submitted to mediation under the Mediation Rules of the Resolution Institute.


How to Contact us

You can contact Fair Water Bills about a privacy-related issue by phone, post or by emailing us.

1300 324 701
Mon to Fri – 8:30AM to 5:30PM AEST


PO Box 100
Helensvale, QLD 4212

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