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Here’s why people are installing our ECO sub-meters

Reduce water bills and detect leaks

Save money and stop water wastage with inbuilt advanced leak detection and off-site monthly meter reads. On average, sub-metering results in a 20% to 40% reduction in residential water usage* We make it easy to monitor your water usage and we also provide tips to maximise your savings. *Based on international studies.

Easy, affordable retrofitting

Fair Water Meters are the only sub-meters purpose-designed for simple, affordable retrofitting (installation into existing units), regardless of current plumbing infrastructure. Fair Water Meters is home to the unique ECO Valve Meter for installation on concealed pipework – which means no building damage or costly repairs.

Increase property value and saleability

Future proof your investment and add value with Fair Water Meters. Attract potential buyers with a water sub-metering system that makes water usage fair for everyone.

Fair Water Bills

Your Fair Water Bills service includes access to a portal where you can monitor usage, manage your account and pay bills. Alternatively, we can provide meter reads and notifications to your existing embedded billing network or billing agent.

8-year peace-of-mind warranty

We provide an 8-year warranty on our intelligent measuring capsules and radio module that sends your information to our remote reading device.

Maximise your return on investment

Your annual returns could be anywhere between 15% and 40%. Your Fair Water Meters system soon pays for itself and then the savings continue.

How much does water cost you?

And are your charges equitable?

Our sub-metering system measures your individual water usage, alerts you to leaks, ensures you pay only for the water you use, and brings peace of mind and harmony to your community.

Split Vs Actual 1Split Vs Actual 2

1 in 7 homes has a water leak

Often homeowners don’t even know they have a leak!

Undetected leaks waste huge amounts of water, and if not repaired they can significantly damage your property and cost a small fortune.

Fair Water Meters’ one-of-a-kind ECO sub-meter registers continuous water flow and triggers a leak alarm which is captured during Fair Water Meters’ monthly meter read. Our team then immediately sends you a text alerting you that a leak has been detected and needs investigation.

Only Fair Water Meters give you timely leak alerts – all designed to ensure you can fix leaks quickly and prevent small problems from becoming big, expensive problems.

Did you know that…

Leaking Appliance Wastes Up To Per Cost Per Billing Period
Tap 150 Litres Day $54
Toilet 700 Litres Day $252
Sprinkler Head 10 Litres Minute $5,184

90+ days is too long to discover a leak…

Let our timely leak alert service give you peace of mind.

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Denis made the switch to Fair Water and is now saving nearly $800 a year
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