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Making water fair for everyone!

Fairer for you

Faster installation

Our sub-meters are purpose-designed for easy, affordable installation to existing infrastructure. Our reading system uses safe and secure radio technology, no wires or read-out panels to be maintained. Compliance is simple as cartridge-type measuring capsules unscrew for replacement and recycling.

Save time pinpointing leaks

Clients receive notification by SMS when their sub-meter detects a leak within their unit, and the Body Corporate is notified of unusually high or low common water usage that may suggest a supply leak – so you spend less time finding leaks and get onto the next job faster.

Ongoing work

Whether it is to fix a leak, provide a water efficiency certificate or fit new measuring capsules – measuring, monitoring and data validation means you’re an integral part of a sustainable community.

Fairer for your clients

Owners only pay for the water they use

Our Fair Water Bills service includes access to a portal where clients can monitor usage, manage their account and pay their bills. These bills consist of the measured water usage for their unit, with their share of common water amenities being accounted for separately via levies. Their water provider continues to invoice access charges.

Prompt leak alerts

90+ days is too long to discover a leak. ECO Meters help reduce the risk of property damage and encourage timely maintenance. Owners are alerted to a leak within their unit, so they can give you a call and get on top of the issue right away.

Landlords can on-charge measured water usage

Measured water usage may be on-charged to the tenant, providing the property is water efficient and their rental agreement states the tenant must pay for water usage.

Fair Water Meter Benefits

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Advanced Leak Detection

Receive leak alerts with your monthly remote meter readings, to help you save money and stop water wastage.

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Easy Installation

Get your meter installed without the hassle and expense of major works. Quick and inexpensive to install even with concealed pipework.

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Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on the base/manifold an 8-year warranty on the ECO measuring capsule + radio AMR module.

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Off-Site Meter Reading

We use radio AMR (automatic meter reading) modules for easy drive-by meter readings, including monthly leak alerts.

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Fair Water Bills

We will only charge you for the water you use, including access to digital tools to give you complete visibility and control.

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Add Value

Increased appeal to prospective buyers with individually metered water, creating a more sustainable and harmonious community.

How to make the switch to Fair Water Meters

Switch and start saving immediately.


You conduct a site inspection to advise us of the number and type of sub-meters (and if applicable, connectors) required.



You quote for installation. Our team follows with our quote and proposal and to answer any questions clients may have.



We provide everything you need to facilitate an efficient installation, including simple online form to commission the install.



We assist the Body Corporate to switch their billing method so your clients can say hello to Fair Water Bills and start saving!

New to sub-metering?

As our sub-meters are not used for direct billing by water providers/councils, they are not required to conform to their Metering Technical Specifications. However, they must be installed according to AS/NZS3500 and local government requirements.

Gold Coast property owners can refer to Scenario 1 in Gold Coast City Council – Water Sub Metering for Community Titles Schemes Properties Policy.


Our sub-metering solution is suitable for multi-unit properties that either:

  • Don’t have a meter (pre-2008 in QLD or pre-2014 in NSW)
  • Where meters have failed or aren’t being actively read by water providers
  • Where it unfeasible to install council or Water Provider meters

See how easy installation is

Bryn demonstrates how simple installation of the ECO Valve Meter is.
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