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The simple, affordable sub-metering solution for every multi-unit property.

Individual meters improve billing equity and promote water conservation. Leak alerts encourage timely maintenance and reduce the risk of property damage.

ECO Valve Meter aka VTZ
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Advanced Leak Detection

Receive leak alerts with your monthly off-site meter readings, to help you save money and stop water wastage.

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Easy Installation

Quick and inexpensive to install in any building - even if the pipework is concealed. No major plumbing works required.

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Supplier Warranty

We provide an 8-year warranty on your ECO measuring capsule with radio module and a 50-year warranty on the base.

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Off-Site Meter Reading

We use safe radio frequency modules for convenient walk/drive-by meter readings. No need to access your property.

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Fair Water Bills

We only charge you for the water you use + digital tools give you complete visibility of your water consumption.

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Add Value

Increased appeal to prospective buyers. Sustainability, harmonious communities. Landlords may on-charge water usage.

You don’t split the bill at the bowser…

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So why split your water bill?

Consumption is influenced by property size, occupancy and water usage habits. Switch to the Fair Water Meters system and take back control of your water bills.

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What about leaks?

Often homeowners don’t even know they have a leak at all!

What if you could be notified of any leak in your unit?
Our ECO Meters detect leaks within your property so that you can be promptly alerted.

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Everyday Australians are saving money

Denis made the switch to Fair Water Meters and saved nearly $800 in a year.
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Your plumber will install your meter quickly and easily with no major works or repairs needed.



We assist with any change of billing arrangement, so you can say hello to Fair Water Bills!

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